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3 min readJan 15, 2024


Let’s have some relaxing time :) Many of us (uncles) grew up with video games like Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo, PC Engine, Gameboy etc … After all these years, even though there are a lot of 3A games, we are still very excited if we have the chance to play the old console games.

We are sure tech geeks like us already play old games with RetroArch, or some are familiar with Raspberry Pi, using RetroPie to bring back the old memories.

There are a lot of components helping to improve the gaming experience, recently we found this case, GPi Case, very interesting. (Not an Ad, personal sharing only 😂)

Basically it’s a RPi case with an internal lithium battery, controller and on/off switch. You have to get the Rpi Zero 2w separately.

GPi Case and RPi Zero 2

Retropie and corresponding display patches can be downloaded from their support page.

(You have to find a way to work with any ROMs and Firmware and make sure your own the original game :) )

The most impressive design is embedding the RPi Zero in the cartridge like Gameboy.

Like Gameboy Cartridge
Embed RPi Zero to it
Connect the bus and insert your SD card

Then you have to setup the WiFi and input keys in the system, which is pretty straight forward. But remember not to upgrade the whole OS, only updating the individual modules will do, otherwise it may crush some drivers like audio driver.


You can SSH to the RPi for any operations you would like to perform.

The specification for Rpi Zero is good enough for most of retro games like Nintendo and Super Nintendo. When everything is in place, you can enjoy the old memories :)




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